Choose Don's Car Wash to take the best care of your vehicle. Our car maintenance service includes a 33-point inspection. We'll look at your oil levels, filters and other systems to make sure everything is up to speed. If anything needs to be fixed or replaced, we'll offer you an affordable solution.

To learn more about the importance of a routine car maintenance service in Lake Charles, LA, call Don's Car Wash at 337-478-0776 or 337-480-1188 today.

Are you due for an oil change?

Call Don's Car Wash today for an oil change. We offer oil change services for vehicles that run on regular and synthetic oil. Enjoy a complimentary beverage in our waiting room while your service is being performed. Our oil change packages start at $39.95, and they all include a free express wash.

Call 337-478-0776 or 337-480-1188 for an oil change in Lake Charles, LA.

Oil Change & Maintenance Services

Enjoy a complimentary beverage in our air-conditioned lounge while your vehicle is being serviced. Each oil change comes with the option of a free Express Don's Best Wash.


$39.95 & Up*

  • Change the engine oil & filter using up to 6 quarts of oil
  • 33 Multi-point check
  • Recommended every 3,000 miles (Mileage may vary)
*Certain vehicles may require additional oil and filter changes


Maintenance Services

Air Filter

$12.95 & Up

Cabin Air Filter

$36.99 & Up

Transmission Fluid Change

$69.95 & Up

  • Drain and refill the entire transmission lubrication system with manufacturer specific fluid

Coolant Fluid Exchange


  • Drain and refill the entire cooling system

Power Steering Service


  • Drain and refill power steering system
  • Cleans and protects with new fluids and conditioners that prolong the life of the power steering hoses, pump, and rack-and-pinion system

Differential Service


  • Drain and refill with manufacturer specific fluid

Manual Transmission Service

$69.95 & Up

  • Drain and refill with manufacturer specific fluid

Transfer Case Service

$59.95 & Up

  • Drain and refill with manufacturer specific fluid

Diesel Fuel Filter Service

$79.95 & Up

Wiper Blades

$12.95 & Up

Oil System Cleaner


  • Dissolves sludge and varnish
  • Gives new oil a fresh start

Fuel System Cleaner

$14.99 & Up

  • Cleans entire fuel system and lowers emissions
  • Helps keep your car running smooth and clean

Engine Treatment


  • Reduces Friction
  • Reduces engine wear
  • Improves fuel economy

Engine Sealer


  • Revitalizes oil seals

Ryan Street Only - State Vehicle Safety

Inspection $10 - 1 Year & $20 - 2 Year

Available MON-SAT